Newswise — The concept of the recent study is already presented in the conference materials issued by the French publishing house Atlantis Press, indexed by the Scopus and Web of Science databases. Externally, the "smart" chair is no different from the standard one. The difference is that it is equipped with special sensors that detect a person's posture and forewarn him when he is sitting incorrectly.

"Initially, the posture analysis was performed using a stabilometrical platform. Depending on what position a person is sitting in, his weight changes. The stabilometrical platform detects the center of body mass and weight fluctuations and transmits these data to a computer monitor. If we know that a person's weight changes depending on their posture, we can design a device that will measure it and determine what position you are sitting in. This is an ordinary school chair, which includes sensors mounted in it, just like on ordinary scales. When a person sits down correctly, the chair determines his weight. Weight deviations from the "correct" weight will be an indicator of the improper sitting, " says Vitaly Epishev, Director of the sports science Research center, candidate of biological Sciences.

The study participants sat in different poses, and as a result, a regression equation was created for each of them. As a result, various deviations from the weight with proper will indicate the pose in which the person is currently sitting. These data can be tracked in real-time by the school teacher and the child's parents on their mobile phones. The "smart" chair will transmit information via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

The teacher's monitor will display information about how each of his students is sitting. This will allow him to conduct the formation of proper posture in children. Preventing improper sitting in primary school is necessary in order to prevent many diseases that often result from incorrect posture. In addition to the teacher and parents, the physical education teacher and the school doctor will equally receive information.

"Parents and the teacher will be able to make sure that the child is sitting correctly. Why allow doctors and physical education teachers need this data? If the student is sitting incorrectly, there must be some reason for this. For example, the cause may be a turn of the pelvis as a result of an injury, flat foot, or the fact that one leg is shorter than the other. The doctor can diagnose this at a primary stage. Therefore, if flat feet are detected, the physical education teacher will give a special set of exercises aimed at strengthening the feet and will work with this student individually. Individual classes will eliminate flat foot and adjust the length of the legs, which will prevent many diseases that a person may encounter in the future, " notes Vitaly Epishev.

As follows, the created device will diagnose pathologies associated with the human musculoskeletal system at an early stage, as well as track the results of individual child training in real-time.

Currently, the research team is working on finalizing the program. A prototype of the "smart" chair has already been constructed, and in three months a pilot experiment will be conducted, in which students will take part.

Journal Link: Atlantis Press