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Amber Guyger’s Controversial Hug and the Limits of Compassion in the Courtroom.

Newark, N.J. (Oct. 7, 2019) When Amber Guyger’s trial ended, Judge Tammy Kemp gave her two things: a Bible and a hug.

The gesture toward the former Dallas police officer sentenced to 10 years in prison for murdering a black man in his own apartment has sparked controversy over compassion in the courtroom. What are the limits? Who is on the receiving end? And why?

Rutgers-Newark School of Criminal Justice Professor and former Chief Judge in Newark Municipal Court Victoria Pratt is available to offer perspective as this case continues to dominate headlines. Professor Pratt is widely hailed as an international expert and facilitator in justice reform. Called a pioneer in procedural justice, her respectful approach and practice of treating individuals with dignity has had a positive effect on court participants’ court experience, how the community viewed the court and how court players viewed their roles. Her TED Talk, How Judges Can Show Respect, has been translated into 11 languages and received over one million views, in addition to 21 million views on Facebook.

Professor Pratt is available to comment at [email protected]                                                                            



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