New Brunswick, N.J. (June 1, 2020) – Rutgers University–New Brunswick Professor Ahmed Elgammal is available for interviews on the future of art and creativity in the age of artificial intelligence (A.I.).

“As artificial intelligence becomes an increasing part of our everyday lives – incorporated into everything from the phones we text with to the cars we drive – it’s only natural to ask what the future of art will be in such an A.I.-dominated society,” said Elgammal, a professor in the Department of Computer Science in the School of Arts and Sciences. “Human creativity has led to the invention of artificial intelligence, and now machines themselves can be forces of creativity.”

“Artists have long integrated new technologies into their practices,” he said. “A.I. is no exception, yet there is a fundamental difference. This time, the machine is its own source of creativity. With the ability to comb through vast amounts of historical and social data, artificial intelligence can produce truly novel and uncanny imagery that is beyond our imagination. This element of surprise is the force that can advance artistic mediums in new directions, with the machines functioning not only as tools for artists but also as their partners.”

“In recent years, I’ve been blessed to work with an increasing number of artists interested in exploring A.I. in their practices by developing Playform, a platform that allows artists to experiment with artificial intelligence without having to understand or navigate the algorithms and terminology behind the technology,” he said. “Once such technological barriers are lifted, artists can make amazing things happen.”



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