New Brunswick, N.J. (June 15, 2020) – Kathleen Kerwin, a wildlife expert at Rutgers University–New Brunswick, is available for interviews on how to create wildlife habitat in your yard.

“Creating backyard habitat for wildlife is a relatively easy way homeowners in rural, suburban and even urban settings can help support local biodiversity, specifically birds and pollinators,” said Kerwin, program associate in the Wildlife Conservation and Management Program in Rutgers’ New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station. “Unfortunately, lawns and nonnative plants that are commonly used in residential and commercial landscaping do not provide the resources that these animals need to survive and reproduce. Landscaping with wildlife in mind and switching to native plants, even in small portions of your yard, can create a positive impact for local wildlife populations in your community.”

Here’s a link to a “Creating Wildlife Habitat in Your Yard” PDF:

A recording of a “Creating Wildlife Habitat in Your Yard” webinar by Kerwin is on the Earth Day at Home website:


Broadcast interviews: Rutgers University has broadcast-quality TV and radio studios available for remote live or taped interviews with Rutgers experts. For more information, contact Neal Buccino at [email protected] 

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