Rutgers Nutrition Expert Available to Discuss Healthy Eating Tips for the Holidays

Newark, N.J. (Dec. 10, 2018)—Rena Zelig, director of the Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition Program at Rutgers School of Health Professions, is available to discuss healthy ways to enjoy food at holiday celebrations.

“The best strategy to avoid weight gain is to plan ahead,” says Zelig. “Include healthier options if you are in control of what is served, include more exercise in your routine to compensate for the extra calories, make your celebrations about activities rather than food and never go to a party hungry.”  

Other tips:

  • Start with smaller portions to control overall intake. “You may be tempted to try more foods — especially ‘just tasting’ sweets,” she says. “Bring sugar-free gum or mints to pop into your mouth if you get tempted to eat another serving.”
  • Fill up on healthier lower-calorie choices, such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains, and avoid processed foods. “These natural foods are high in fiber, which keeps you full longer,” she says.
  • Eat slowly. “Your body will tell you when it’s full. Listen to those cues and stop when you are satisfied,” she says.

Zelig can be reached at [email protected] or by calling Bev McCarron at 908-917-8677


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