David Keeley has been a professor of biomechanics at New Mexico State University since 2011. His research agenda throughout his career has focused on the implications of biomechanics with regard to sport performance and injury. He has spent time working with athletes ranging from youth through professional and his work has covered multiple sports including baseball, football, track, basketball and tennis. With regard to football, Dr. Keeley has spent time working with multiple Division 1 collegiate football teams with the focus of performance enhancement and injury prevention through the utilization of sport science techniques. His primary areas of emphasis with football include lower extremity loading patterns, lower extremity torque production, velocity-based resistance training for sport performance and center of mass control. Areas he would talk about involve his research in the areas of: - Enhanced center of mass control through balance training: Impact on direction change.- Use of lower extremity torque production patterns for developing appropriate training interventions.- Lower extremity loading patterns and their potential impact on performance.Contact: [email protected]/575-646-5186