Newswise — Rolling Meadows, IL (September 1, 2022). The September issue of Neurosurgical Focus (Vol. 53, No. 3 []) presents 18 articles on the history of military neurosurgery around the world.

Topic Editors: Charles J. Prestigiacomo, Mark C. Preul, T. Forcht Dagi, Chris J. Neal, Jeffrey V. Rosenfeld, and Melissa Meister

 “This issue of Neurosurgical Focus highlights original contributions to the progress of eurosurgery forged from war,” write the Topic Editors of this issue in their Introduction. “A rather interesting look at history through the ‘genealogy’ of war neurosurgery helps the reader to appreciate, at least in part, whence we came to practicing neurosurgery as we do today.”

 Contents of the September issue:

 “Introduction. On forging a new specialty from the crucible of war” by Charles J. Prestigiacomo et al.

  • “Management of injuries on the 16th-century battlefield: Ambroise Paré’s contributions to neurosurgery and functional recovery” by Marian T. Park et al.
  • “The legacy of Renaissance surgeon Giovanni Andrea Dalla Croce on the history of military surgery and neurosurgery” by Antonio Di Ieva and Jeffrey V. Rosenfeld
  • “The crippled brain that prolonged the Civil War: General Joseph Hooker’s concussions at Chancellorsville” by T. Glenn Pait and Matthew Helton
  • “From Henry Shrapnel (1761–1842) to today’s neurosurgery: how antipersonnel weapons have laid the foundation of clinical and surgical management of head injury fractures and penetrating brain injuries” by Maria Sole Venanzi et al.
  • “Neurosurgical developments of Thierry de Martel (1875–1940), French neurosurgery pioneer, during World Wars I and II” by Johan Pallud et al.
  • “The history of antibiotic irrigation and prophylaxis in operative neurotrauma: perpetuation of military care in civilian settings” by Yara Alfawares et al.
  • “The birth of modern military neurosurgery through the eyes of Harvey Cushing’s war memoir From a Surgeon’s Journal, 1915-1918by Harjus Birk et al.
  • “Causalgia: a military pain syndrome” by Charlie N. Nelson et al.
  • “Neurosurgery during the Greco-Italian War (World War II): the management of war-related head injuries at the Italian field hospital of Sinanaj in Albania” by Andrea Franzini et al.
  • “Evolution of spinal cord injury treatment in military neurosurgery” by Christiana M. Cornea et al.
  • “Reconstruction of the cranial vault, surgical drainage of brain abscesses, and the treatment of rhinoliquorrhea: the “Luftwaffen Lazarett 6/XVII Bad Ischl,” the first neurosurgical department in Austria” by Harald Stefanits et al.
  • “A history of neurosurgical capabilities in the United States Pacific Command: from World War II to present” by Hana Yokoi et al.
  • “Neurosurgery at Pearl Harbor: Ralph Cloward’s legacy” by Brandon A. Sherrod et al.
  • “Advancements in the treatment of traumatic spinal cord injury during military conflicts” by Andrew M. Hersh et al.
  • “Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm: neurosurgical experience and transformative legacy for operational medicine” by Jonathan E. Martin et al.
  • “Operation “NeuroTeam”: rendering the absolute best care for the most deserving patients under the most difficult conditions” by Danielle D. Dang et al.
  • “The deep roots of military service in neurological surgery: an academic genealogical analysis of the founding generation” by Michael S. Rallo and Gavin P. Dunn
  • “Arnold Max Meirowsky: champion of the American mobile neurosurgical unit during the Korean War” by Andy Y. Wang et al.

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