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SLAS Discovery Announces New Tagline

Newswise — Oak Brook, IL –  SLAS Discovery, one of two official journals of the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening focused on developing chemical and biological tools and novel assay methods to help advance drug discovery, announced a new tagline for 2020 and beyond. “Advancing the Science of Drug Discovery” will replace “Advancing Life Sciences R&D,” as the official tagline beginning with the just-released January edition of the publication.

While “Advancing the Science of Drug Discovery” is technically a new tagline, it’s not brand new to SLAS Discovery or its predecessor, the Journal of Biomolecular Sciences (JBS). Originally, it was the tagline for the JBS until it rebranded to SLAS Discovery in 2017.

In 2019, a careful review and surveys were conducted by the SLAS Discovery Editorial Board, the SLAS Knowledge Content & Delivery Council (KCDC) and past SLAS Discovery contributors. “SLAS Discovery is a key source for articles on finding chemical and biological tools, innovation in target validation, and novel assay methods to help advance drug discovery,” said SLAS Discovery Editor-in-Chief Bob Campbell, Ph.D., (Eli Lilly and Co.). “To encompass these related drug discovery fields, it was agreed upon by the groups that the original tagline, ‘Advancing the Science of Drug Discovery,’ was more appropriate and inclusive of the scope of topics published in today’s evolution of SLAS Discovery.”

SLAS Discovery and SLAS Technology are SLAS’s scientific journals published in partnership with SAGE Publications. SLAS Discovery is available in print or through online access and includes research and reviews focused on how scientists, researchers, academics and engineers develop and utilize novel techniques and approaches involving chemical and biological tools to treat human disease. Ten issues are published annually, and original research and review manuscripts are accepted on an ongoing basis from both SLAS members and nonmembers.


SLAS (Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening) is an international community of 16,000 professionals and students dedicated to life sciences discovery and technology. The SLAS mission is to bring together researchers in academia, industry and government to advance life sciences discovery and technology via education, knowledge exchange and global community building.

SLAS Discovery: Advancing the Science of Drug Discovery, 2018 Impact Factor 2.192. Editor-in-Chief Robert M. Campbell, Ph.D., Eli Lilly and Company, Indianapolis, IN (USA).

SLAS Technology: Translating Life Sciences Innovation, 2018 Impact Factor 2.048. Editor-in-Chief Edward Kai-Hua Chow, Ph.D., National University of Singapore (Singapore).