Newswise — The challenge of using magnetic beads in assays for both the life science and IVD (In Vitro Diagnostics) fields is maintaining consistent bead concentration and finding a verification process to measure successful separation. The use of magnetic beads to isolate DNA, RNA, proteins and other bio-molecules for particle separation is a common practice among many healthcare professionals.

Dexter's Engineers have developed a Magnetic Bead Resuspension Technology to automatically keep the bead solution homogenous in a reagent trough and allows for the bead concentrations to be quantitatively verified. A magnetic field is created to increase bead agitation, this agitation causes the magnetic beads to remain in suspension in the reagent trough. Continuous verification guarantees that the beads are properly suspended.

The device is ideal for automated liquid handling systems and can be easily modified to accommodate a variety of reagent troughs used throughout the life sciences and IVD fields.

Dexter is committed to quality and invests in best-in-class technology, services, and support: We are the first magnetic company to achieve certification for both ISO 13485 certification and AS9100 Rev. D Quality Management System.