Newswise — Reston, VA (March 2, 2018) – A new special issue of the Journal of the American College of Radiology (JACR) addresses clinical, regulatory, technological, societal and ethical challenges faced as medical imaging artificial intelligence (AI) use advances.

This March 2018 special issue also marks the addition of Data Science as a new pillar of the JACR. The journal will now regularly include items on data science and AI use in medical imaging.

Data Science: Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers 18 articles that explore the past, present and future of medical imaging AI use – including:

  • Protecting Your Patients’ Interests in the Era of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Predictive Analytics (SA-CME)
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Radiology: Opportunities, Challenges, Pitfalls, and Criteria for Success (SA-CME)
  • Prediction of Occult Invasive Disease in Ductal Carcinoma in Situ Using Deep Learning Features
  • Role of Big Data and Machine Learning in Diagnostic Decision Support in Radiology
  • The ACR Data Science Institute and AI Advisory Group: Harnessing the Power of Artificial Intelligence to Improve Patient Care

 “Artificial intelligence may enable astounding medical advances. However, an array of challenges remains to harnessing this technology and maximizing its ability to help the radiologist optimize patient care,” said Journal of the American College of Radiology Editor-In-Chief Bruce J. Hillman, MD, FACR. “This special JACR issue, and subsequent issues, will explore such challenges and opportunities and where appropriate outline possible steps toward fulfilling AI’s transformational potential.

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