Newswise — Nathaniel Grow, associate professor of business law and ethics at the Indiana University Kelley School of Business and a sports law scholar, is available to respond to the release of the Rice Report on college basketball reform.

He is available at 812-855-8191 and at [email protected]. Below are comments from Grow:

"The long-awaited report by the Commission on College Basketball includes a number of sound recommendations that would almost certainly improve the sport of college basketball. The report's request that the National Basketball Association address the so-called one-and-done trend by changing its rules to allow high school players to immediately turn professional would certainly benefit all parties involved. Similarly, the report's recommendation that players who enter the NBA draft, only to find themselves go undrafted, should be allowed to return to college would certainly benefit a number of young individuals.

"At the same time, however, because the Rice Report does not directly address the financial incentives that currently exist for shoe companies, universities, agents, etc., to funnel money to particularly promising basketball recruits, the report's recommendations are ultimately unlikely to result in meaningful reform of the perceived corruption in college basketball. In this respect, the commission missed a golden opportunity to encourage the NCAA to reconsider to its current, heavily criticized financial model."