Newswise — (Indianapolis)- President Donald Trump has signed into law HR 302/S. 808, which includes the Sports Medicine Licensure Clarity Act that now paves the way for sports medicine practitioners to work across state lines with liability protections.

“As advocates for sports medicine professionals working with athletes, we supported this bill throughout the process and were active in ensuring its passage,” said ACSM Executive Vice President and CEO Jim Whitehead. “This legislation is a welcome change that will allow our members to do more of what they do best: treat and protect athletes and facilitate optimal performance.”

The new law extends the liability insurance coverage of a state-licensed medical professional while on travel to another state when the professional provides medical services to an athlete, athletic team or team staff member. Previously, clinicians that travelled with teams across state lines could have faced allegations that they were practicing medicine without malpractice protection. The new law sufficiently remedies this problem.

Prior to going to the president for his signature, the Senate overwhelmingly passed the bill on October 3 by a vote of 93-6. “The bipartisan support for this bill by Congress and the president underscores the critical value sports medicine professionals provide to athletes and teams,” said Whitehead, “and this law will allow them to significantly increase the positive impact they’re already having.”

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