Newswise — The reach of the H1N1 flu is devastating. According to the World Health Organization, 168 countries and territories have at least one confirmed case of pandemic H1N1 flu.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says that in the United States, the virus caused people to get sick and even die in the summer when the country is normally flu-free. That, combined with uncertainty about how severe the seasonal flu will be, is causing even more concern.

The CDC adds that the most important thing each of us can do to keep from spreading the flu and other illnesses is wash our hands.

To teach the public the importance of hand washing, LifeBridge Health in Baltimore, Maryland has embarked on an educational campaign.

LifeBridge Health has produced a public service announcement for children (of all ages) about the length of time needed to make hand washing effective.

Making the process fun, by singing favorite songs or nursey rhymes for at least 20 seconds, is a good way to teach children good hygiene at an early age.

Kids also relate well when they see other kids using soap and water.

It's never too soon to start healthy habits.

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