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Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are globally known to be important causes of mortality and disabilities. Common treatment strategies for CVDs, such as pharmacological therapeutics impose serious challenges due to the failure of treatments for myocardial necrosis. By contrast, stem cells (SCs) based therapies are seen to be promising approaches to CVDs treatment. In such approaches, cardiomyocytes are differentiated from SCs. To fulfill SCs complete potential, the method should be appointed to generate cardiomyocytes with more mature structure and well-functioning operations. For heart repairing applications, a greatly scalable and medical-grade cardiomyocyte generation must be used. Nonetheless, there are some challenges such as immune rejection, arrhythmogenesis, tumorigenesis, and graft cell death potential. Herein, we discuss the types of potential SCs, and commonly used methods including embryoid bodies related techniques, co-culture, mechanical stimulation, and electrical stimulation and their applications, advantages and limitations in this field.

Journal Link: Stem Cell Reviews and Reports

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