Newswise — STONY BROOK, NY, April 10, 2014 – Stony Brook University was recently named a 2014 Groundwater Guardian Green Site by the Groundwater Foundation in recognition of its groundwater and environmental stewardship. Stony Brook University earned this exclusive designation based on its current practices related to water use, pesticide and fertilizer management, and pollution prevention. “Our campus community is incredibly engaged in doing everything possible to minimize our carbon footprint, and creating opportunities for our students to learn more about protecting their environment,” said Stony Brook University President Samuel L. Stanley Jr., M.D. “Each award we receive showcases that our efforts are paying off – a job well done – and that is what makes this recognition so much more impactful.” The Groundwater Guardian Green Site program recognizes green spaces; educational campuses; natural areas; and residential, recreational, ball fields, golf courses and office parks – for implementing groundwater and surface water-friendly practices to maintain the site. To earn the exclusive Groundwater Guardian Green Site designation, site managers complete an application that uniformly evaluates and documents their site’s groundwater-friendly practices, such as selecting plants adapted to the region’s climate, tracking irrigation water use, maintaining a no-application zone around surface water and active wells, and applying fertilizer based on nutrient needs. 2014 is Stony Brook University’s first year as a designated Groundwater Guardian Green Site. The Green Site program began in 2007 to recognize good stewards of groundwater by encouraging managers of highly-managed green spaces to implement, measure, and document their groundwater-friendly practices. Groundwater Foundation President Jane Griffin points out that, “Groundwater is the water we drink and water that helps grow our food. It’s a vital resource that we all rely on in one way or another. We’re so pleased to recognize the positive steps that places like Stony Brook University are taking to ensure groundwater is protected now and for the future.” “Green Sites, like Stony Brook University can truly have a positive impact on the environment,” said Groundwater Foundation Program Manager Jennifer Wemhoff. “The groundwater and environmentally-friendly practices they implement help benefit water resources, improve wildlife habitat, reduce stormwater runoff, and responsibly manage potentially hazardous materials.” The Groundwater Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Lincoln, Nebraska with a mission to educate people and inspire action to ensure sustainable, clean groundwater for future generations. Since its inception in 1985, the Foundation has offered various educational programming for youth and adults. To learn more, visit

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