Newswise — La Vista, NE – Streck, Inc. has filed suit against Cenata GmbH, for infringement of its European Patent No. 2228453B1, in the German district court in Mannheim. The lawsuit accuses patent infringement based upon Cenata GmbH activities in noninvasive prenatal testing (NIPT), which Cenata identifies on its website as involving the Harmony® Test.

Streck is a leading global supplier of direct-draw blood collection tubes (BCT) used in NIPT, a new standard for pre-natal screening. One Streck BCT product, its Cell-Free DNA BCT® CE tube, has been available in European Union countries since 2014, and most major NIPT providers have incorporated it in their assay.

According to Connie Ryan, Streck CEO, “This lawsuit shows that Streck is committed to protecting its proprietary technologies and its customers.”

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