If sea level rise continues as predicted, approximately a quarter of the current homes in the Salisbury metropolitan area (Wicomico, Worcester, Somerset and Sussex counties) could be underwater by 2100, according to recently released data from the real estate website Zillow.com (https://www.zillow.com/research/climate-change-underwater-homes-2-16928/). This would make the Lowest Eastern Shore the hardest-hit region in Maryland and the 10th largest in the U.S.


Two Salisbury University faculty are available to discuss the situation from multiple perspectives. Dr. Michael Scott, interim dean of SU’s Richard A. Henson School of Science and Technology, has conducted several studies on sea level rise in Maryland through SU’s Eastern Shore Regional GIS Cooperative, and can speak on sea level trends and potential areas of impact. Dr. Memo Diriker, director of SU’s Business, Economic and Community Outreach Network (BEACON), can discuss what sea level rise could mean for property values, infrastructure and the economy of the Lower Eastern Shore.


To schedule interviews, please call the SU Public Relations Office at 410-543-6030 or email [email protected].