Newswise — With obesity-related diseases on the rise, many food and beverage manufacturers are looking at ways to reduce added sugar in products. From more traditional high-intensity options like sucralose and aspartame to natural offerings derived from the stevia plant, sugar alternatives can maintain sweetness levels in products as well as provide cost savings. In addition, nutritive sweeteners made from natural sources, like molasses, tapioca, and rice, can offer a taste similar to sugar while providing for natural label opportunities.

A NEW LINE of allergen-free, coated sugars is available under the Bits-O-Flavor brand from Inclusion Technologies. These new sugars are made with naturally derived ingredients and are available in several different sizes (fine and granular) and in a wide range of impactful flavors and colors. The flavors are apple, blueberry, cherry, cinnamon, cappuccino, caramel, chocolate, chocolate mint, lemon, lime, maple, mocha, orange, peppermint, raspberry, salted caramel, strawberry, and vanilla. These ingredients are highly flavored and colored and then “sealed” with a coating fat to protect the natural flavors and colors and allow for improved stability in finished applications. The Bits-O-Flavor ingredients are designed for post-bake topical applications and will not withstand baking or other processing temperatures above 140°F. 
Inclusion Technologies,, Booth S2650

MATSUTANI CHEMICAL INDUSTRY Co., one of Japan’s leading producers of specialty food starches, maltodextrins, and rare sugars, will highlight its rare sugar, Astraea Allulose. Allulose is a monosaccharide and a rare sugar—one of approximately 50 that exist in nature. The monosaccharide has 0.2 K/Cal/g and gives true sugar flavor with no aftertaste, according to the company.

Astraea Allulose can be used in beverages, confections, dairy, bakery, and sweet goods; as a 100% table-top granular sugar replacement; and as a replacement for sugar in hard candy and chewing gum at 50%. Sample chocolate and other items prepared with the ingredient, and speak with the company’s R&D experts about the properties and benefits of Astraea Allulose at the food expo. 
Matsutani Chemical Industry Co.,, Booth S4226

MANY CONSUMERS DEMAND a clean label and the removal of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) from foods and beverages. Food companies must either reformulate their brands or develop new products without HFCS. On a solids basis, liquid sucrose and HFCS have the same number of calories as most carbohydrates: 4 cal/g. HFCS 55 was formulated specifically to be a direct substitute for liquid sucrose with the same solids and the same sweetness, so conversion is as simple as converting the contents of a storage tank, according to the company. On a dry basis level, liquid sugar will be sweeter than HFCS 42, so less liquid sugar can be used when the primary function of the HFCS is to add sweetness. Sugaright (a division of CSC Sugar) offers less processed liquid sugar options that it reports are more sustainable than traditional liquid sugar. 
Sugaright (a division of CSC Sugar),, Booth S5145

TWO NEW PLANT-BASED sweeteners make their debut at this year’s expo. Layn Corp. will release its SteviUp and Lovia sweeteners, which combine next-generation glycosides with a proprietary formula.

Lovia pairs mogroside compounds with preferred glycosides to provide a high-quality, sugar-like sweetness that can be used for deep sugar reduction with zero calories, without significantly increasing in-cost use, according to the company. During the expo, the company will showcase its extensive portfolio of plant-based sweeteners and flavors. The company will offer samples of its new ingredients, and its experts will be on hand to help attendees with sugar reduction and product reformulation efforts. 
Layn Corp.,, Booth S1659

THE NEWEST SWEETENER from Icon Foods (formerly Steviva Brands Inc.) blends stevia, allulose, and monk fruit to allow food and beverage manufacturers to reduce calories and added sugars in their formulation but still give the sweetness perception consumers want. Available in granulated powder and liquid syrup, KetoseSweet+ can be used in baking applications, for canning jellies and jams, and in both hot and cold beverages.

In addition to learning more about KetoseSweet+, the first 500 visitors to the company’s booth will receive an autographed copy of Guy Gone Keto by Thom King, Icon Foods founder and CEO. The book tells his personal story of transitioning from a typical American diet to the ketogenic lifestyle. There will also be samples of Guy Gone Keto condiments, a new line of five low-carb, sugar- and filler-free ketogenic condiments made with KetoseSweet+ and rich in MCT oil. 
Icon Foods,, Booth S5314

THE DEVELOPMENT, PRODUCTION, and distribution of noncaloric sweeteners for the food and beverage industry is the mission of SweeGen. The company offers BESTEVIA Reb M stevia sweetener, which is produced using a non-GM technology. It has a sweetness factor that is 250 times sweeter than sugar and can be used to formulate beverages with 70% sugar reduction without compromising taste, according to the company. 
SweetGen,, Booth S1245

A RANGE OF sweeteners, including molasses, light and dark brown syrup, tapioca syrup
, invert sugars, rice syrups, and dry sweeteners is supplied by Domino Specialty Ingredients. It can also provide high-intensity sweeteners in the form of sugar and stevia blends, as well as stevia with different levels of rebaudioside A. In addition, Domino’s range of evaporated cane juices, which are available in organic varieties, are certified carbon free. 
Domino Specialty Ingredients,, Booth S1014 


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