Newswise — Lincolnshire, Ill. (July 11, 2017) Sysmex America, Inc., a leading provider of automated hematology and urinalysis diagnostic testing equipment as well as middleware information systems technology, today announced that it has launched its XN-L™ automated hematology analyzers in the United States. The new, smaller XN-L line delivers the same globally-proven, clinical and operational value known in its XN-Series™ to lower volume hematology laboratories. The XN-L analyzers will also be the first to feature BeyondCareSM Quality Monitor, a revolutionary approach to quality assurance. ​

​“The XN-Series has been our flagship hematology analyzer line and today we expand our offering by introducing the XN-L Series to meet the demands of lower-volume facilities,” said Andy Hay, chief operating officer.  The XN-L automated hematology analyzers offer a 6-part differential including immature granulocyte analysis (IG) on each sample - all in a compact footprint.  “With an XN-L analyzer, clinicians can rely upon the same expanded complete blood count (CBC) featured in our XN-Series analyzers to assess and monitor patients.  This expanded CBC goes well beyond the 3-part differential that is currently available to most of the low volume segment today and can aid in the assessment of sepsis and other hematological disorders,” said Hay.

In addition, the XN-L Series offers optional software licenses for (1) a reticulocyte channel to aid in anemia management, and (2) body fluid cell counts.  For integrated health networks, common reagents and controls allow standardized testing from high volume core labs to affiliated clinics and physician office labs.


Sysmex expands its BeyondCareSM brand of industry-leading system and customer support with the introduction of BeyondCare Quality Monitor. “BeyondCare Quality Monitor, a Sysmex proprietary innovation, is a leading-edge, evidence-based QC and calibration verification management program that partners Sysmex with the laboratory to proactively monitor quality assurance metrics. It will be standard on all XN-L hematology analyzers,” said Hay. More information can be found in the accompanying news release.

Additional information is available on the company’s website at .  As the XN-L analyzers will be available both directly through the company and through its distribution partners, interested parties are asked to contact their Sysmex representative or Sysmex distributor for complete details. ​ 


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