The Greek government cannot possibly repay their massive debt, says Andrew Natsios, a former USAID administrator and currently a professor at Texas A&M University. He says a similar situation occurred in Germany after WWI, resulting in the collapse of the German economy and the rise of Adolf Hitler.

“The Germans could not pay war reparations from WWI which resulted in hyperinflation and a collapse of the German economy,” he says. “This led to the rise of Adolf Hitler and other political extremists. Extremist parties are taking over Greek politics − Neo-Marxist parties like Tsirpas's party and a far right wing Neo-fascist party.”

Natsios, a professor at the Bush School of Government & Public Service, managed reconstruction programs in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Sudan; he also served as U.S. special envoy to Sudan under President George W. Bush.

He says debt forgiveness must be part of the deal with Greece, “but will not happen given public opinion in Germany. This all has larger strategic consequences as Greece will turn to Russia's Putin for support which will undermine NATO's response to Russian aggression in the Ukraine.”