Dr. Rodney E. Rohde is the Program Chair for the CLS Program, and holds the rank of Professor in the College of Health Professions.  He also serves as Associate Dean for Research for the College of Health Professions.  Dr. Rohde is also a clinical assistant professor (joint appointment) at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, School of Allied Health Sciences, Department of Laboratory Sciences & Primary Care, Clinical Laboratory Science Program.  Additionally, Dr. Rohde continues to enjoy being an adjunct associate professor of biology in the nursing program for Austin Community College. He holds certifications as a Specialist in Virology, Specialist in Microbiology, and Molecular Biologist from the American Society for Clinical Pathology.

Quote on Coronavirus: "If you are following the respiratory viral pneumoniae outbreak in #Wuhan, #China, you will note I have mentioned when the outbreak was reported that I thought it was a newly emerging virus or one that had shifted / drifted from SARS. SARS and MERS are Coronaviruses typically associated with respiratory viruses. 

The cluster of unidentified #pneumonia cases in #Wuhan #China have been associated with a novel #Coronavirus. This is the family of viruses that the agents of #SARS and #MERS belong to, but it is a new, unique virus. It does not yet have a name, but surely will soon.

The Chinese government is maintaining that there is no evidence of person-to-person transmission, but in my view that is a slightly different thing from saying "there is no risk person-to-person transmission". It simply means that it hasn't been definitively established. Given that we just woke up to the news of what this agent is, it would have been awfully hard to definitely establish that, so I remain cautious."

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Link to resume: http://rodneyerohde.wp.txstate.edu/