Sir Roger Moore, star of seven James Bond films in the 1970s and ‘80s, died in Switzerland after “a short but brave battle with cancer.” He was 89 years old. 

Moore, the longest-serving lead actor in the franchise, was the favorite Bond of Texas Tech University humanities and popular culture librarian, Rob Weiner.

Weiner has taught several classes on James Bond both through the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute and the Honors College. He also is co-editor of “James Bond in Popular and World Culture: The Films are Not Enough” and wrote the foreword in “James Bond and Popular Culture” edited by Michele Brittany.


Rob Weiner, associate librarian and pop culture expert, Texas Tech University Library, (806) 834-5126 office, (806) 780-8775 mobile, or [email protected]

Talking Points

  • Sir Roger Moore’s legacy
  • Moore’s portrayal of James Bond during the Cold War era 


  • “Everybody has their favorite Bond, from your grandmother who loved Sean Connery to a millennial who loves Daniel Craig, to a Gen-Xer like me who loves Sir Roger Moore. To me, he looked and felt like Bond. He gave the character class.”
  • “Many may regard Moore as the comedic Bond. His banter with Grace Jones in ‘A View to a Kill (1985)’ would certainly support such a claim.”
  • “Moore did not personally care for guns, though he looked good holding one. He was determined to leave the world a better place, through his charity work with UNICEF and other organizations.”