Newswise — Marketing Association of Thailand, in partnership with Asia Marketing Federation, is delighted to present the prestigious "3rd World Marketing Forum." This seminal event will take place on the 16th and 17th of November, from 09:00 to 17:00, at the Central Post Office - Bangrak, Bangkok, under the concept of "The New Marketingverse: Meta Mitri Meetang." The forum is set to feature a dynamic lineup of 20 sessions, spearheaded by 30 eminent business leaders and marketing experts hailing from five continents.

In a special highlight, attendees will have the unique opportunity to delve into the rich content of "Marketing 6.0" during three comprehensive sessions led by the book's esteemed authors - Professor Philip Kotler, Hermawan Kartajaya, and Iwan Setiawan. Adding to the event's allure, Professor Kotler, a renowned marketing pioneer and the founding father of modern marketing, will be online to share his invaluable insights and engage in an insightful session about the changes that have led to Marketing 6.0.

This event promises to be a comprehensive hybrid experience, taking place physically in Bangkok, Thailand, while also being freely accessible online to global attendees. Executives, marketers, business owners, and anyone with an interest in the realm of modern marketing should not miss this unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the latest industry insights and trends.

The world of marketing is constantly evolving, and many wonder where it is headed next. How significant a role will technology play? What trends should we watch? What needs to change, and what is of utmost importance? This event aims to uncover the world of Marketing 6.0 in all its dimensions. The new marketing universe will bridge the worlds of "Meta" and "Mitri" (meaning friendship in Thai), exploring how they can collectively contribute to our prosperity. As the physical world merges with the digital realm, we will elevate our marketing experiences to new heights, all while cherishing the core of our humanity - understanding, empathy, and synergy.

On Thursday, November 16th, International Marketing Day 2023 will take place. This event will feature marketing pioneer Philip Kotler and leading speakers from five continents who will introduce "Marketing 6.0", providing a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of new era marketing trends that merge technology with the core of humanity. The presentations will be given in English with Thai translation available.


The sessions include:

  • "Welcome to the New Marketingverse" by Hermawan Kartjaya, Co-founder of the World Marketing Forum (WMF) and Chairman of the Asia Marketing Federation (AMF), which will introduce us to "The New Marketingverse".

  • "A Lifetime of Marketing Wisdom Through the Winds of Change" by Guest of Honor, Prof. Philip Kotler, addressing the evolution of marketing and introducing Marketing 6.0.

  • "Unveiling Marketing 6.0" by Iwan Setiawan, co-author of "Marketing 6.0: The Future is Immersive", which delves into the Marketingverse, a boundless world.

  • "Navigating the New Marketingverse: Meta Mitri Meetang" delves into the business implications of "Meta" (technologies) and "Mitri" (empathy & synergy), showcasing how they collaboratively drive business success towards "Meetang" (Prosperity).

  • "Era of AI", featuring Paul Carvouni, an expert from Microsoft, will share insights on the trends and directions of AI in the business realm.

  • "Humanizing Data: Empowering Diversity in (Mar)Tech & Business" by Jana Marle Zizkova, CEO & Co-founder of Meiro and Shelovesdata, emphasizes understanding customer diversity through data analysis.

  • "Leadership in the New Marketingverse" by Deepal Sooriyaarachchi, Managing Director of SATI Human Development Institute Pvt Ltd, will provide insights and inspiration on becoming a mindful and effective leader in today's marketing landscape.

  • "Conscious Innovation: Thriving in the Era of Sustainable Startup Growth" by David Sehyeon Baek, the Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) of NPCore, Inc. Korea, highlighting the significance of sustainable development and growth for startups.

  • "The Power of Purpose: Elevating Brand Love into Brand Value" by Huynh Thi Xuan Lien, Vice President of the Club of Sales and Marketing Officers (CMSO) in Vietnam, underscores the importance of cultivating brands that resonate deeply with customers.

  • "Think Global, Act Local: Understanding Diversity of Target Audiences" by Helen McIntee, President of the African Marketing Confederation (AMC) in South Africa, will discuss adapting strategies for diverse markets and effectively engaging global audiences.

  • "From Purpose to Prosperity: Leadership Philosophy" by Jareeporn Jarukornsakul, Chairman & Group CEO of WHA Corporation PCL, where she will recount her journey in carving out new opportunities, spurring growth, and achieving business triumph through a harmonious blend of commercial and societal impact.


On Friday, November 17th, we will be celebrating “Thailand Marketing Day 2023.” The event will explore the interpretation of The New Marketingverse and Marketing 6.0 in the context of Thailand, examining how Thailand’s unique "Soft Power" can propel us to the forefront of the new era in marketing. The sessions will be presented in Thai, with English translation available.


  • "Unlocking Thailand’s Branding in the New Marketingverse" A keynote by Phumtham Wechayachai, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce, discussing ways to enhance the global competitiveness of Thai brands and products.

  • "Marketing 6.0 & Trends: 2024 Way Forwards" Marketing Association of Thailand (MAT) X MAT CMO COUNCIL will present a survey and predictions on the marketing trends expected in 2024, framed within the context of Marketing 6.0.

  • "Tech and Humanity: Foresight for a Better Future" Executives from The 1 Central Group will provide insights on integrating technological innovation with human-centric marketing strategies to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

  • "The Thaivantage: How Thainess Shapes Success in the New Marketingverse" A special panel discussion exploring how the strengths and uniqueness of Thai culture can serve as a "Soft Power" in driving the success of Thai brands and services in the global market.

  • "Reshaping the Business Landscape with Higher Purpose" A session that will ignite ideas on utilizing business as a means to create positive changes in the world, building a better society and yielding better business outcomes simultaneously.

  • "Success Stories: METTA in Action" Executives from PlanToys and Boutique Newcity will share their experiences and insights on incorporating the principle of METTA (loving-kindness) into their business operations, creating significant changes starting from their own businesses to build a better future together.

  • "Success Stories: MITRI in Action" Gain insights from the executives of Nanyang, Carnival, and BBQ Plaza, representing three diverse business sectors, unified by a powerful core of synergy and collaboration in a competitive marketplace. Discover the transformative potential of "Mitri," or synergy, in fostering robust relationships with customers, business partners, and even competitors to fortify and expand your business.

  • "Nui's Talk on the New Marketingverse" Join Nui Beartai, a preeminent tech influencer in Thailand, as he delves into the dynamic evolution of the marketing landscape. Nui will tackle pivotal questions about the shifts in marketing paradigms, key focal points for marketers, necessary adaptations in response to these changes, and a glimpse into the future of marketing.


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Who should attend:

  • High-level executives and C-Levels who need vision to lead their organizations.
  • Entrepreneurs looking to create change and growth.
  • Marketing professionals seeking to reskill and upskill.
  • Marketing executives aim to revamp both their strategies and actions.
  • Those looking to gain new business and marketing perspectives.

More Information & Registration:

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  • Live viewing: November 16-17, 2023
  • On-demand viewing: November 20 - December 31, 2023
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