Newswise — Baltimore, MD — The Association of Academic Physiatrists (AAP) announced on April 5, 2017, the availability of the first ever core set of physiatry-specific Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs), developed and validated by a subcommittee of the AAP Educational Committee. EPAs have been adopted by a variety of specialties for the purpose of real-time observational assessment of clinical competency in a manner that makes intuitive sense and is feasible within the workplace environment.

“The move towards competency-based medical education has focused attention to the need for methods of observational assessment that are feasible in a busy clinical environment and which align with learning opportunities that naturally occur within the work place,” commented Dr. Heather Baer from the University of Colorado Denver Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R).  Dr. Baer is a Co-Chair of the AAP subcommittee and one of four contributing authors of the recently published article ‘Entrustable Professional Activities For Residency Training in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation’ in the American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (AJPM&R).

Other AAP members who assisted in the creation and development of the physiatry-specific EPAs and are authors of the publication include: Michael Mallow, MD, EPA, Subcommittee Co-Chair and lead author; Alex Moroz, MD, FACP; Vu Q.C. Nguyen, MD, MBA; AAP Education Chair.

EPAs are gaining acceptance in medical education as a means of expressing how much an attending physician trusts a trainee to be able to perform a specific clinical task that is part of the essential work of that specialty. The advantage of this approach is that each clinical attending physician can focus specifically upon how well and with what degree of supervision the trainee can accomplish the work that is most relevant to the specific rotation, without direct reference to competencies and milestones, which can be abstract or difficult to observe. The 19 physiatry-specific EPAs, along with supporting materials, can be found on AAP’s Virtual Campus website –




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