Newswise — The George Washington University (GW) School of Medicine and Health Sciences is pleased to announce a nutrition concentration for students enrolled in the Master of Science in Health Sciences (MSHS) in Integrative Medicine. This is the first and only MSHS in Integrative Medicine with a concentration in nutrition. Fall 2019 enrollment has begun.

Eating an unhealthy diet is the main contributor to the global burden of disease, according to the World Health Organization, triggering the United Nation’s Decade of Action on Nutrition. At the same time, education of health care providers and those in health related fields excludes or only superficially covers nutrition. Those on the front lines of health care know nutrition is key to the prevention of and the first line therapy for chronic disease, such as diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease. However, surveys routinely report that these health care providers feel unprepared to counsel their patients on nutrition. The MSHS in Integrative Medicine with a concentration in nutrition was designed to fill this knowledge gap and help health care providers and those in health related professions (health educators, health coaches, personal trainers, etc.) obtain mastery of nutrition and nutrition counseling.

The MSHS in Integrative Medicine with a concentration in nutrition allows students seeking extensive nutrition education to also gain a foundation in integrative medicine. This new concentration offers:

  • A progressive, scientifically rigorous, and forward-thinking educational platform for personalized and lifestyle medicine, 
  • And the backing of an institution committed to leading the way in evidence-based integrative medicine — Integrative medicine has been a part of GW since 1998 and the Office of Integrative Medicine and Health was founded in 2017.

Throughout the coursework, students concentrating in nutrition learn to think critically and probe emerging research as part of evidence-based practice. The Clinical Research in Integrative Medicine course prepares students to design and lead outcomes research — a critical need for the field. Students also have the opportunity to develop and vet a business plan focused on delivery of integrative medicine and nutrition with the help of leaders in the field. As an online, active learning program, the flexible, asynchronous schedule can also fit into the schedule of a busy professional.

The concentration in nutrition has been recognized by the Board for Certification of Nutrition Specialists® as fulfilling the academic requirements for the Certified Nutrition Specialist® credential, allowing students to apply to sit for the Certification Examination of Nutrition Specialists. 

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