Prepping for the Great American Eclipse
Newswise — The “Great American Eclipse” is making a return engagement this summer. On Aug. 21, the sun, moon and Earth will realign for a spectacular total solar eclipse event, one that will cast a shadow of darkness coast-to-coast across the contiguous United States for the first time in almost a century. It’s expected to be the most watched, most photographed and most televised astronomical event of a generation. Find out what ASU is doing to help the public witness this event.
Digitizing a Dark Chapter of U.S. History
This year marks the 75th anniversary of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s executive order that cleared the way for the forced relocation of Japanese-Americans to internment camps during World War II, a dark chapter of U.S. history that underscores the fact that xenophobia is not a recent phenomenon. During the past couple of years, ASU archivist Robert Spindler has helped to digitize a rare collection of newsletters and photographs from Arizona’s Japanese internment camps that has offered a glimpse into the lives of some of the relocated. Learn more about the collection and what was uncovered from archivist Robert Spindler.
“America’s Favorite Dad” On Trial: Cosby’s Complicated Legacy
Just days before Father’s Day, the fate of the man once known as “America’s Favorite Dad” is in the hands of a jury. Bill Cosby, the man who built his reputation by merging laughs with life lessons, is learning some tough lessons of his own as seven men and five women deliberate sexual assault charges against the comedy legend. Father figure or sexual predator? How will the court of public opinion judge Cosby’s complicated legacy? ASU faculty experts weigh in.

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