Newswise — Beginning in January 2022, the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior (JNEB) will become an online journal. Each issue of the Journal will continue to publish the latest research while fulfilling the Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior's mission of supporting planetary health and value of fiscal responsibility by eliminating printed copies.

For over 50 years, JNEB has been serving as a global resource to advance nutrition education and behavior related research, practice, and policy. While trees are a renewable resource, industrial logging does destroy forest ecosystems and replanting trees in plantations does not replace the diverse forest ecosystem. This change helps JNEB support diverse species in a forest ecosystem.

All current Journal subscribers will continue to have full access to all content published on the Journal website including all issues since the Journal of Nutrition Education was first published in 1969. Additionally,

  • Articles will continue to be available as .pdf files which can easily be downloaded or printed.
  • Each month subscribers will receive an email with a table of contents and article highlights alerting readers to the topics and resources available in each issue.
  • The Journal website has recently been updated to a mobile-friendly, search oriented design.

The Journal staff are excited about how this redirection of resources will benefit and grow the field of nutrition education and behavior.