There is no border crisis, Tulane law professor says

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    Credit: Photo courtesy of Tulane School of Law

    Laila Hlass specializes in immigration law at Tulane University School of Law.

Laila Hlass, an immigration law professor, focuses on law, policy and practices that affect access to justice within the immigration law regime for particularly vulnerable communities including children, detainees, asylum-seekers, and survivors of violence, as well as emerging pedagogy and practices in experiential learning. She regularly speaks and appears in the news regarding migration, refugees and immigrant children and has written op-eds for Slate, The Hill, the Boston Globe and The Times-Picayune.

Of President Donald Trump's claims of a crisis at the southern border, she said, "Trump is not telling the truth about the border: there is no security crisis. Sadly, the Trump administration has fueled a humanitarian crisis through its policies—by separating families, forcing asylum-seekers to wait to make their claims, detaining families in unsafe conditions, and refusing to uphold long-held asylum practices. The solution to this manufactured crisis is not a wall—it’s to re-open the government and ensure the country’s immigration courts and the asylum system work more humanely and effectively."


Laila Hlass, professor of practice

Tulane University School of Law




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