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Photographs and videos show a blood-red sky over Oregon in late summer 2020.

Claim Publisher and Date: Viral photos on social media on 2020-09-08

The Reddit user who shared this picture, RavenRosie, wrote in the comments that the photograph was taken in Sublimity, Oregon, and no filters were used to create it. 

Although the scene depicted above may seem unbelievable, several other photographsand videos were posted to social media showing a similar blood-red atmosphere. 

In addition to social media posts from anonymous users, a number of authoritative sources have also shared similar images of Oregon’s red skies. 

Cassandra Profita, an environmental reporter for Oregon Public Broadcasting, Bonnie Skillman, a reporter for Portland, Oregon, news channel KPTV, the Oregon Department of Transportation, Clypian, a student newspaper from South Salem High School, and the Oregon State Police Department all shared similar images of the surreal skies in Oregon:

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