Newswise — The Association of Rehabilitation Nurses (ARN) is proud to announce that its members Susan Fowler, PhD RN CNRN CRRN FAHA, Patricia A. Quigley, PhD MPH APRN CRRN FAAN FAANP FARN, and Lalita Thompson, MSN RN CRRN, have been appointed to National Quality Forum (NQF) committees. The NQF was founded in 1999 to promote and ensure patient protections and healthcare quality through measurement and public reporting. The participation of these three accomplished rehabilitation nurses on NQF committees will ensure that rehabilitation and restorative principles are integrated into quality and performance measure decisions impacting nationwide access to care and quality of care. 

One of the ARN’s strategic goals is advancing the rehabilitation nursing profession by serving as the primary rehabilitation nursing source for legislation, policy formation, regulatory initiatives, and guideline development. The appointment of ARN members to NQF committees reflects this commitment and exemplifies the necessity for rehabilitation nurses to be present at all policy tables. 

Dr. Fowler, Dr. Quigley, and Ms. Thompson join ARN members Terrie Black, DNP MBA CRRN FAAN FAHA and Beverly Reigle, PHD RN, who respectively hold seats on the NQF MAP LTC-PAC and Cancer Committees. 

Rehabilitation Nursing NQF Committee Appointees

Susan Fowler, PhD RN CNRN CRRN FAHA — NQF Neurology Standing Committee

Dr. Susan Fowler is a member of the Florida Chapter of ARN and serves on the ARN Board of Directors. Dr. Fowler has been a RN for 42 years with a clinical focus in critical care, the neurosciences, and rehab. She is an expert in research and evidence-based practice, serving in positions as a clinical nurse researcher/nurse scientist, and primarily teaching at the master's and doctoral levels of education. Dr. Fowler will be the sole representative for nurses as the only nursing professional on a six-member panel of physicians and a patient advocate. The Neurology Standing Committee oversees NQF’s neurology measures and addresses diagnosis, treatment, and procedures for neurological conditions. As part of the committee, Dr. Fowler will also be evaluating areas where measures are inadequate and/or lacking, such as Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, Alzheimer’s disease, and dementia.

Patricia A. Quigley, PhD MPH APRN CRRN FAAN FAANP FARN — NQF Prevention and Population Health Standing Committee

Dr. Patricia A. Quigley is the 2020-2021 President of the Association of Rehabilitation Nurses and is a member of the Florida Chapter of ARN. She is a nurse scientist, nurse consultant, and advanced practice registered nurse; former associate chief, nursing services for research at the James A. Haley VA Medical Center in Tampa, FL; and former associate director of the Veterans Integrated Services Network-8 Patient Safety Center of Inquiry. She will be one of two nurses on an eight-member panel of physicians, researchers, and rehabilitation therapists. The Prevention and Population Health Standing Committee oversees NQF's prevention and population health measures. Measures in this portfolio focus on healthy lifestyle behaviors and community interventions that improve health and well-being, as well as social and economic conditions. 

Lalita Thompson, MSN RN CRRN — NQF All-Cause Admissions and Readmissions Standing Committee

Lalita is a member of the Southeast Texas Chapter of ARN and is a past chair of the ARN Chapter Support Committee. She is also the TIRR Memorial Hermann Baclofen Pump Program coordinator accountable for leadership, education, volunteer services, and clinical support. Lalita will be one of two nurses serving on a nine-member panel consisting of physicians, a health policy professor, and a subject matter expert. The All-Cause Admissions and Readmissions Standing Committee focuses on the reduction of avoidable admissions and readmissions across the healthcare system. As part of the committee, Lalita will be contributing to this cause by reviewing measures addressing the length of stay, all-cause admissions, and hospital readmissions from applicable settings, such as skilled nursing facilities and inpatient rehabilitation facilities.  



Association of Rehabilitation Nurses (ARN)

ARN is a professional organization dedicated to promoting and advancing professional rehabilitation nursing practice through education, advocacy, certification, collaboration, and research to support rehabilitation nurses and enhance the quality of life for those affected by disability and chronic illness. For more information about ARN, please visit or call 800.229.7530.

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