Tip Sheet: Experts Available to Discuss Aftermath of the Recent Mumbai Terror Incidents in and Relations Between India and Pakistan

Newswise — The University of Virginia offers the following history and politics experts for your consideration in reporting on the ongoing response to the terror incidents in Mumbai, India:

"¢ John Echeverri-GentAssociate Professor of Politics

John Echeverri-Gent is working on a book about the Indian economy and the creation of Mumbai as an international financial center. He has published articles that focus on the political economy of development and comparative public policy. His current research investigates the political construction of capital markets in developing countries. He chairs the American Political Science Task Force on "Difference and Inequality in Developing Societies."

"¢ Michael KreponDiplomacy scholar; visiting lecturer in politics; co-founder of the Henry L. Stimson Center, an independent, nonprofit, public policy institute; has worked at the State Department and on Capitol Hill

Michael Krepon is available to talk about nuclear threat and terrorism in the region. Sample quote: "Mumbai has already suffered three 9/11-type attacks."

Recent citations:Analyst Takes Issue With Estimate of WMD RiskGlobal Security Newswire, Dec. 4, 2008http://www.globalsecuritynewswire.org/gsn/ts_20081204_3626.php

"¢ Neeti NairAssistant Professor of History

Nair is an expert on South Asian history. She can speak about the history of India since partition in 1947 and the creation of the separate states of Pakistan and India following British rule, as well as of violence in India. She is the author of numerous articles about India and is currently working on a book, "Between Homeland and Nation: Punjabi Hindus and the Making of Modern India, 1907-1947." Sample quote: "The U.S. can try to force the Pakistani administration to cooperate with the Indian authorities in sharing intelligence. There is a limit, however, to how effective this will be. It is not entirely clear just how oblivious the Pakistani state is about the kind and degree of infiltration of non-state groups within the Pakistani army and navy.

"The U.S. must also invest in education and health care in Pakistan. There is a connection between material deprivation and militancy that cannot be underestimated."

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