Hosting a holiday celebration can be stressful when trying to accommodate allergies and various medical conditions. Alexa Schmidt, a registered dietitian at Binghamton University, State University of New York, has tips for hosting a Thanksgiving meal that is accommodating to all.

"Take the stress out of hosting by asking your guests how you can best accommodate their needs. They’ll be touched by your care and concern," said Schmidt.

She said that gatherings can be enjoyable with a little planning and attention to detail.

  • Consider inviting guests to be a part of the festive food preparation. They can read labels, share tips about preventing cross contact, and you can enjoy quality time together!
  • Invite guests to bring a favorite dish to pass. This assures they can eat without worry. If your friend has a food allergy, it is best to keep that dish separate from the rest.
  • When planning your menu, choose a few simply prepared items (i.e., lean protein, veggie, and gluten free grain) and allow guests to jazz it up with their choice of sauces, dressings, toppings, etc. Customizable options are fun and help meet a variety of needs.


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