David Orr, director and senior engineer at the Cornell Local Roads Program provides safe driving tips on how to safely navigate the roads with snow plows during winter weather.Orr says:

“As snow hits New York State and the Northeast, there are a few things all motorists should remember. Whether an emergency has been declared or not, the snow plow is a much larger vehicle and takes longer to stop. Also, the drivers’ visibility is limited by the plow and frame. Don’t tailgate, don’t pass, and give the plow room to operate.

“It is much easier for the plows to do their job if the traffic volume is low and the operators can concentrate on removal of the snow and proper placement of any ice control materials. Stay off the highway if possible.

“Finally, if you do have to go out, clean off your vehicle, go slow and drive defensively. If you come up behind a plow, give the truck some room and just stay in line. The driver is clearing the road to help you get to your destination safely.”

For additional tips: http://www.clrp.cornell.edu/tip_sheets/tip/sp-driving.html

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