Newswise — You may not be entirely to blame for your diet woes. So say brother and sister Dian Griesel, Ph.D. (Nutrition) and Tom Griesel, coauthors of TurboCharged, a new book that outlines a revolutionary eight-step rapid fat-loss program requiring no aerobic exercise, supplements or special equipment. After spending 30 years working with scientific researchers while continuously experimenting with various diets, the Griesels explain why all other diet and exercise advice to date is inherently designed to contribute to the growing epidemic of chronic obesity. “The best of diet intentions fail in late afternoon and evening because dieters fall for certain traps that sabotage success,” says Dr. Griesel. Those traps, say the authors, include:

10. Commercials could make anyone hungry. “They are designed to be enticing—even though we all know a fast-food burger tastes like a hockey puck! (Not that we’ve eaten hockey pucks...),” say the authors.

9. Manufacturers make foods addictive with chemicals and preservatives.

8. Manufacturers make foods addictive by using sugar/fat/salt combos.

7. Hanging out with an overeating, unimaginative crowd. (There ARE other things more interesting than eating...)

6. Boredom.

5. Dieting and aerobic exercising together reduce calories, so primitive starvation-survival mechanisms kick in making the brain scream for food.

4. Burning the candle too late, is counter productive to fat burning. A good night’s sleep burns fat and keeps us from eating!

3. We eat when we are really thirsty.

2. Motivation is misdirected. The choice needs to be: Which do I value more? A chocolate bar now or a longer and healthier life with my family

1. Traditional diet and exercise advice is all wrong.

With TurboCharged, the Griesels introduce entirely groundbreaking concepts that defy common weight-loss thinking. They share eight simple steps that successfully deliver body-defining rapid fat loss in record time, along with greater health and improved odds of longevity.

“The book’s promise is that regardless of your age, current percentage of body fat, or scale weight, you can achieve a lean, awe-inspiring body and learn to avoid common diet traps that are making you fat,” say the authors.

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