Newswise — Arlington, VA (February 22, 2017)–The American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) is proud to announce the launch of its ninth eCourse, Transporter Knowledge for New Frontiers, providing comprehensive education for professionals looking to expand their knowledge base on transporter pharmacology via a flexible user experience.

Transporters are critical determinants of both drug disposition and drug efficacy. Recent advances in molecular pharmacology have shown that transport systems are extremely dynamic and can be modulated by disease and by drugs themselves. Furthermore, genetic differences in transporters can contribute to vastly different pharmacokinetic and/or pharmacodynamics profiles within human populations. Transporters can also contribute to clinically significant drug-drug interactions. However, many concepts in transporter pharmacology are new to many pharmaceutical scientists, suggesting a significant training gap.

"After completing Transporter Knowledge for New Frontiers, users will have obtained a thorough understanding of transporter pharmacology that is ideal for pharmaceutical scientists that are new to the field or who require a high-level update from leading experts. Such critical information on transporter pharmacology will enable the user to open the gateway towards the next frontier of their career in the pharmaceutical sciences” said Patrick T. Ronaldson, Ph.D., eCourse chair.

Course objectives include highlighting involvement of transporters in drug disposition into key organs including the intestine, liver, kidney, and brain, and providing detailed information on regulation of transporters in response to pathophysiological and pharmacological stressors. The course also highlights the current FDA guidance on the study of transporters in the drug discovery and drug development process.

Transporter Knowledge for New Frontiers consists of 16 lectures, divided into five modules, presented by academic, industry, and FDA experts, and joins eight AAPS eCourses, including Preformulation 101, Stability Testing 101 and Dissolution for Solid Oral Dosages. Certificates of completion are available for participants, and 15 hours of continuing education (CE) credit for pharmacists is offered through a partnership with the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Pharmacy. For more information, visit

About AAPS eLearning: The mission of AAPS eLearning is to innovate and manage electronic education opportunities for AAPS members and the scientific community. These initiatives will strike a balance among learning effectiveness, universal accessibility, responsiveness to relevant goals established by AAPS leadership, and cost effectiveness.

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