Tulane experts available for comment on Kavanaugh confirmation hearing

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The Senate Judiciary Committee begins its confirmation hearing for Judge Brett Kavanaugh to serve as an associate justice on the U.S. Supreme Court Tuesday, Sept. 4. The hearing is expected to last three to four days and cover a wide range of issues from abortion rights to executive power.

The following experts from Tulane University are available to comment and answer questions.

Stephen Griffin specializes in constitutional theory and history. His work emphasizes understanding American constitutional law from an interdisciplinary, historical point of view. He is also an expert on war powers and constitutional reform.

Stephen Griffin, W.R. Irby Chair and Rutledge C. Clement, Jr. professor in constitutional law, Tulane University Law School, e-mail: sgriffin@tulane.edu

Sally Kenney is an expert on employment discrimination, reproductive rights, women judges, judicial selection, women and electoral politics, and feminist organizations and social movements.

Sally Kenney, professor of political science and executive director of Newcomb College Institute, e-mail: skenney@tulane.edu

Nancy Maveety is an expert in the selection process for nominees to the U.S. Supreme Court. She is the author of several books on the Supreme Court and judicial politics, including Picking Judges, a study of the federal judicial selection process.

Nancy Maveety, professor and chair of political science, Tulane University School of Liberal Arts, e-mail: nance@tulane.edu

Keith Werhan specializes in constitutional law, particularly the First Amendment, and in administrative law. Werhan has written about administrative law, federal jurisdiction and the Constitution, including the speech and religion clauses.

Keith Werhan, Ashton Phelps Chair of Constitutional Law, Tulane School of Law, e-mail: kwerhan@tulane.edu

Robert Westley is an expert on the 14th amendment, critical race theory and issues affecting communities of color.

Robert Westley, LOCHEF Professor of Legal Ethics & Professional Responsibility, Tulane School of Law, e-mail: rwestley@tulane.edu



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