UAB Interventional Radiologist A.J. Gunn, M.D., is available to discuss the benefits of treating fibroids with a minimally invasive procedure called a fibroid embolization, in lieu of a hysterectomy. Fibroids, a noncancerous growth that most often occurs in women between the ages of 40-50, can cause heavy menstrual bleeding, prolonged and intense periods and pelvic pain, bringing with it both physical and emotional burdens. A hysterectomy is often the course of action used to treat fibroids, in part because many women either are not counseled or their gynecologist is not aware that an embolization procedure is a potential option — an option with a 90-plus percent success rate and a 3- to 5-day recovery instead of the 4- to 6-week recovery time after a hysterectomy. 

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