University of California, Irvine astronomer James Bullock is chair of the James Webb Space Telescope users committee. He is an excellent resource for journalists looking for information on this next-generation space-based observatory.

The JWST users group, which includes 10 to 14 American, European and Canadian scientists, was established to ensure that the observatory is operated in such a way as to maximize its scientific performance. The JWST is successor to the Hubble Space Telescope. From its position in outer space, more than a million miles from Earth, the telescope will study exoplanets in the Milky Way and the earliest stars and galaxies in the universe in infrared and visible light wavelengths.

“We expect to achieve some amazing scientific breakthroughs with Webb,” said Bullock, professor of physics & astronomy. “But it’s important that we coordinate our efforts as astronomers here on Earth so that we’re using this valuable tool in the most effective way possible.”

The users committee will convene twice a year, with the first meeting at Baltimore’s Space Telescope Science Institute in mid-September.