Oncologist Dr. Zev Wainberg, medical director of the UCLA Colorectal Cancer Center, is available to discuss the death of Chadwick Boseman and the changing landscape of colon cancer.

Dr. Wainberg and his laboratory are developing and testing new targeted therapies for the treatment of colon cancer, gastric cancer and esophagus cancer. He can also discuss the care of patients with colorectal cancers from initial diagnosis through treatment of early disease, and management of metastatic cancer.

Quote from Dr. Wainberg on screening:

“It’s important to start screening earlier because that age group (45-50) is among those with the highest changes in development of colorectal cancer in the last 30 years. Meaning compared to 30 years ago, many more people younger than 50 are getting colorectal cancer. If patients refuse standard colonoscopy, there are now many other ways to screen (stool tests, virtual colonoscopies etc).”

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