UK Election: Is Digital Media Changing How People Vote? Do TV Political Debates Change Anyone's Minds? UK Expert Available

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Released: 31-May-2017 8:50 AM EDT

Source Newsroom: University of Portsmouth

Expert Pitch

(Available from Monday, June 5)

UK Election – is digital politics changing sentiment? British politics expert available for analysis and comment.

Dr James Dennis, Senior Lecturer in Journalism, University of Portsmouth, can discuss:

- Political communication (esp. digital politics - e.g. political advertising on Facebook; campaigning on Twitter; reaction to the TV debates etc);


- Social media and journalism;


- Political participation and citizenship (e.g. youth engagement; grassroots activism online);


- Party politics (esp. The Labour Party).






Dr Dennis can be contacted from June 5th, via:


Cell: +44 7835 038 969




Twitter: @jameswilldennis


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