Michael B. Landau, professor of law in intellectual property, at Georgia State University's College of Law is available to discuss the topic of net neutrality as advocates urge the Federal Communications Commission to reconsider changes that would allow broadband providers to charge sites/services -- such as Netflix -- for preferential treatment.

Landau teaches classes in copyrights, trademarks and unfair competition; patents, computers and the law; computer law; art and entertainment law; and international intellectual property.

A recognized authority in entertainment law, he is the co-author of a nine-volume treatise that is one of the leading reference sets in the field, and has written numerous articles on intellectual property and freedom of expression.

For more information, visit http://law.gsu.edu/directory/landau.

Contact information:Michael B. Landau, Professor of LawPhone: 404-413-9184Email: [email protected]