DURHAM, N.H. – The University of New Hampshire has a wealth of experts that can speak to several current events making headlines including immigration, the Affordable Care Act, climate change and school choice.


Erin Corcoran, professor of law[email protected]; (603) 513-5166

Professor Corcoran’s scholarship and presentations center on protecting non-citizens through systemic changes to the immigration system including providing government funded non-attorney legal representation, professionalizing the immigration prosecutors’ office and requiring best practices for adjudicating claims of unaccompanied minors seeking immigration relief. Topics: Immigration, immigration law, border wall, historical perspective on immigration, immigration ban executive order, and 9th District court ruling.

Video of Erin Corcoran speaking about immigration: http://bit.ly/2k5prSB

Affordable Care Act – Health Law and Policy

Lucy Hodder, director of Health Law and Policy Programs, and professor of law [email protected]; (603) 513-5212

Hodder served as legal counsel to New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan and senior health care policy advisor. She is an experienced New Hampshire health care, regulatory and employment attorney. Topics: Affordable Care Act and policy, pros and cons of the ACA, what it has accomplished, and implications of plan to repeal and replace it.

Video of Lucy Hodder speaking about the ACA: http://bit.ly/2k7OuF6

Affordable Care Act – Public Health

Semra Aytur, associate professor of Health Management & Policy[email protected]; (603) 862-3415

An epidemiologist, Aytur’s research interests focus on relationships between policy, environment, and systems change to promote healthy behaviors and prevent chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. She is particularly interested in health disparities and policies that facilitate access to health-promoting resources. Topics: Affordable Care Act (from a public health perspective), health equity, pros and cons of the ACA, and implications of plan to repeal and replace it.

Video of Semra Aytur speaking about the ACA: http://bit.ly/2lHHqjG

Climate Change

Cameron Wake, research professor in climatology and glaciology[email protected]; (603) 862-2329

Wake leads a research program investigating climate and environmental change through the analysis of ice cores, instrumental data, and phenological records, with a focus on the northeast United States, the Arctic, and central Asia. His collaborative research on several regional climate assessments, such as flooding, in the northeast United States has been shared with state and federal agencies and representatives, and has been covered widely in the media. Topics: Climate change, health impacts, misbelief of scientists, sustainability as it relates to climate change, the importance for preparedness and building community resilience, and possible changes from the new administration.

Video of Cameron Wake speaking about climate change: http://bit.ly/2l5qd04

Climate Change and Ideology Lawrence Hamilton, professor of sociology[email protected]; (603) 862-1859

Combining his Arctic and survey interests, Hamilton’s recent research explores what the general public knows and believes about the environment, climate change, and science, including how their perceptions relate to political orientation. His body of work involves statistical methods for integrating data from social and natural-science domains. Topics: Climate change and ideology, mistrust of scientists, climatology, flooding perceptions and what might be expected from the new administration.

Video of Larry Hamilton speaking about climate change and ideology: http://bit.ly/2lh4GDR

School Choice

Todd DeMitchell, professor of education[email protected]; (603) 862-5043

DeMitchell studies the impact of court cases and other legal mechanisms on schools, school liability and adequate supervision. In addition to his research in this area, Dr. DeMitchell has two decades of experience in K-12 as a teacher, principal and superintendent. He has published over 170 articles/chapters/commentaries, and case briefs plus numerous books.

Video of Todd DeMitchell speaking about school choice: http://bit.ly/2lBy4Vb