The following experts from the University of Delaware are available to do interviews for back-to-school stories:

- Roberta Golinkoff, a professor of linguistics and cognitive science at UD, author of a dozen books on education and consultant for the toy industry. Golinkoff researches children’s language, math, spatial skills and the impact of play on education and cognitive development.

- Melissa Jurist, can talk about Back to School educational apps, videos and other technology. Jurist is the coordinator of UD's K-12 Engineering program.

- Brian Freedman researches autism and helps teens and families as they transition to becoming independent adults. He currently oversees the Career & Life Studies Certificate (CLSC), a two-year, non-residential program for students with intellectual disabilities. The program provides academic, career, technical and independent living instruction to help the students work toward gainful employment.

- Beth Mineo, Director of the Center for Disabilities, can speak about the tools available to teachers/parents to help children with a wide range of disabilities. CDS offers technology for students with limited vision, hearing, motor skills and adapted curriculum for intellectual disabilities.

- Peg Bradley, director of UD's Early Learning Center, focuses on services for high-needs families (early Head Start), children with special needs/disabilities and community.

- Cynthia Paris, director of the Lab Preschool at UD, specializes in family-responsive learning and mindfulness and mentors students at the university.

- Laura Morris, a kindergarten teacher at UD's Lab Preschool, specializes in Preschool and Kindergarten Education/Young Exceptional Children. She has implemented mindfulness, the Main Street Project and other inventive and collaborative lessons.