2014 Winter Olympics

The 22nd Olympic Winter Games will be held in Sochi, Russia, from Feb. 7-23. The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, has these experts who can talk about various aspects of the event:

Howard Hall, professor of nuclear engineering and UT-Oak Ridge National Laboratory Governor's Chair for nuclear security, is a well-renowned expert on global nuclear security. He can speak on issues relating to terrorism, nuclear proliferation, radioactive weapons, detection of nuclear devices, and dirty bombs. He can be reached at 865-974-0931 and [email protected]

Michael Martinez, professor of journalism and electronic media and former AP photojournalist, covered the Olympics in Lillehammer and Atlanta as a reporter before going to work for the Olympic Organizing Committees for the games in Sydney, Salt Lake City, Athens, and Beijing. Martinez can provide his unique perspective on the games, having seen them from the outside as a reporter and from the inside as an employee. He can be reached at 865-974-1567 or [email protected].

Martin Luther King, Jr.The Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday will be celebrated on Monday, Jan. 20.

Derek Alderman, professor and department head of geography, is a specialist on streets named for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Alderman is a cultural and historical geographer. He looks into how places are used to express culture and commemorate the past, and how these places become important. He can be reached at [email protected] or 865-974-0406.