Newswise — Washington, DC, August 1, 2020— The International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI) is pleased to announce the release of the 11th edition of Present Knowledge in Nutrition, the latest update of a major nutrition reference source that will be useful to dieticians, librarians, medical nutritionists and others in the nutrition field.

The updates in the new edition advance the textbook beyond its 65-year history into the explosion of exciting new methodologies and understandings of the role of diet and nutrition in human health and well-being. The 11th edition of Present Knowledge in Nutrition now appears in two companion volumes: Volume 1: Basic Nutrition and Metabolism; and Volume 2: Clinical and Applied Topics in Nutrition. The new two-volume format enables readers to quickly find relevant materials and makes the printed copies more portable.

Volume 1 includes chapters that provide the latest scientific research on requirements for specific nutrients and genomics. Volume 2 provides the most recent information on life-stage nutrition, obesity, physical activity and eating behavior; dietary guidance and nutrition surveillance; as well as major topics in nutrition and disease processes and medical nutrition therapy.

Lead editor Bernadette Marriott said that the two volume release “provides clearly defined sources for the latest information on nutrition, diet and health that is useful to a wide array of researchers and practitioners.” Available in both print and digital formats from Elsevier, Present Knowledge in Nutrition can be purchased from Elsevier’s website. Purchasing information, as well as more information about the two volumes and their contents, can be found here:

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