Leading The Way In Completely Managing Postoperative Nausea And Vomiting

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Released: 12-Jun-2013 8:00 AM EDT

Source Newsroom: Pressure Point Inc.

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Newswise — Grand Rapids, MI – June 12, 2013 – From a clinical-based perspective, postoperative nausea and vomiting (PONV) can be characterized as an unmet global phenomenon in which anesthesia practitioners and PACU nurses worldwide are seeking more efficient clinical strategies for preventing PONV. With patient risk factors having been developed as leading indicators for PONV and despite the use of antiemetic drug combinations, the overall impact of PONV continues to be burdensome and disturbing to clinical practitioners and patients having a history of PONV.

One of the better value-based practice management combinations for PONV prevention includes a peer-reviewed, FDA-cleared, 72-Hour PONV antiemetic prophylaxis (Rx) adhesive wrist strip. Under the Pressure Point Inc. brand name Pressure Right®, the latter has clinically proven to substantially enhance PONV prevention when used in concert with antiemetic drug combinations because of its extended efficacy and duration effect. Its use of a flexible adhesive strip to apply a pressure dome on the P6 acupressure point has been clinically shown to effectively prevent nausea and vomiting associated with surgery. The use of Pressure Right® has demonstrated one of the highest clinical ratings in nausea and vomiting prevention when used in combination with antiemetic drug therapy with no adverse effects. Many of the traditional antiemetic drug combinations used to prevent and/or treat PONV can produce adverse effects. These antiemetic drugs also have limited effectiveness to completely manage postoperative-related nausea and vomiting. The Pressure Right® approach can significantly eliminate the major impact of PONV. The comparative value-based effect of Pressure Right® provides a high degree of certainty in PONV prevention consistent with increasing patient satisfaction leading to greater cost efficiencies.

The cost of treating postoperative nausea is more expensive to healthcare institutions compared to preventing or substantially reducing the nausea occurrences, especially in patients having a history of PONV.

The rationale for using Pressure Right® as a baseline intervention for PONV prevention is that it can provide a measurable difference in improving the current quality of PONV management leading to better patient outcomes.

Since the Pressure Right® introduction for clinical use eighteen-months ago, the product has developed a clinical basis among current users at health care facilities in the US and will soon be marketed internationally. As part of the requirement to export Pressure Right® internationally, the company has received approval from the FDA and has been issued Certificates to Foreign Government (CFG) in connection with its export undertaking.

Pressure Right® is expected to obtain CE marketing approval for its low-risk medical device upon the company completing its self-certifying registration for the European market later this year. In addition, the company has already been granted an establishment license to market Pressure Right® in Canada. The company’s international approach for the product will be to focus on superior PONV prevention outcomes for global surgery patients.

The company is currently seeking alliances with distributor networks in Europe as well as in India and South Eastern Asia.

Last year, the company signed a long-term distribution agreement for exporting Pressure Right® to China. Marketing approval from the Chinese government is expected in early 2014. The PONV issues facing the majority of global anesthesia practitioners are three-fold: pharmacological approaches are limited in managing postoperative-related nausea and vomiting; current PONV patient satisfaction outcomes continue to be a clinical problem; and, overall PONV management requires new clinical innovations.

Pressure Right® provides value-based improved outcomes beyond current PONV antiemetic combination strategies. Pressure Right’s frequently asked questions (FAQ) guidelines offer helpful information so that Pressure Right® may be used effectively to enhance resistance to PONV without incurring any adverse effects.

Pressure Right® used in concert with antiemetic drug therapy in clinical trials and in current use at US hospitals has shown to substantially improve patient satisfaction in PONV management.


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