Newswise — (Seattle, WA) The American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM) is proud to announce Dr. Virginia Reef of the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Veterinary Medicine (Penn Vet) as the recipient of the ACVIM Robert W. Kirk Award for Professional Excellence at the 2013 ACVIM Forum. This award is presented annually to an ACVIM Diplomate with an outstanding career in veterinary medicine including national and international recognition for contributions and service in activities such as clinical medical practice, instruction, research, and / or public service.

Virginia Reef, DVM, DACVIM (Large Animal Internal Medicine) and Board-certified in 1984, has spent the majority of her career focused on equine cardiology and ultrasonography. Combining her passion for research with her love of horses, Dr. Reef has made many contributions to the field of Large Animal Internal Medicine. She has published numerous landmark papers on advances in equine cardiology and ultrasonography. Her publication record encompasses more than 50 original research papers and over 50 case reports. She has also published about 130 abstracts in proceedings, 11 major review articles and 80 book chapters.

Dr. Reef is Director of Large Animal Cardiology and Diagnostic Ultrasonography and is the Mark Whittier and Lila Griswold Allam Professor of Medicine at Penn Vet’s New Bolton Center. She is a member of at least 17 veterinary organizations and in each has played a committed and involved role. She has coordinated clinical laboratories for the American Association of Equine Practitioners and the ACVIM. Her reputation and contributions extend worldwide. She has made many presentations within the US and has been an invited speaker at prestigious international meetings.

In addition to her numerous academic achievements, Dr. Reef is known for her willingness to mentor young veterinarians. Many of those she has mentored consider her an inspiration, generous with her time and support. Her enthusiasm and willingness to share knowledge make her a truly distinguished contributor to the field of veterinary medicine and to the ACVIM.

Dr. Reef’s clinical work primarily involves horses referred by practicing veterinarians. She is extremely committed to supporting her colleagues, and was very involved in raising funds for new facilities at Penn Vet’s New Bolton Center.

Dr. Reef has made significant contributions to her specialty through her clinical research, academic expertise, teaching, and presentations to veterinarians worldwide. The ACVIM is proud to present her with the ACVIM Robert W. Kirk Award for Professional Excellence at the 2013 Forum.

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