The Trump Administration’s plans to roll back government regulations and emission standards for automobile companies could setback the future production and sale of electric cars and pose harmful long-term impacts to the environment, says a Virginia Tech expert.

Quoting Rakha"This decision is short-sighted as automobile manufacturers have made forward progress in cleaning up emissions for new cars and trucks. It will also slow the production and sale of electric vehicles, plugin hybrid electric vehicles, and hybrid electric vehicles," said Hesham Rakha, professor of engineering at Virginia Tech.

“It is imperative that regulations are put in place to drive the demand for autonomous vehicles and to ensure that we sustain the environment for future generations. The changes in the environment that we see here in the U.S. and worldwide are a result of these bad decisions and it will only get worse as we continue to pollute the environment,” said Rakha.“The removal of this regulation will have major repercussions on the environment and as a result on the U.S. economy. This is a very short-sighted decision that we will regret in the future.”

About RakhaHesham Rakha is the director of the Center for Sustainable Mobility (CSM) at the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI), and a professor at the Charles E. Via Jr. Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. He has 22 years of experience in the areas of traffic engineering, traffic modeling, transportation safety and environmental modeling. Rakha was recently featured on NPR’s All Things Considered program about self-driving cars and the potential to reduce traffic and lower commute times.

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