The Director of the McKelvey School of Engineering's Cybersecurity Strategic Initiative is available to discuss the many ways we are all vulnerable to cyber attacks on our mobile devices in the wake of the news of the hack into Jeff Bezos's phone. 

"Mobile malware attacks are continuing to increase year over year," Scherrer said. "This trend is projected to continue into 2020."

Cyber attacks don’t happen exclusively on random beauty apps. "Every application has its vulnerabilities," Scherrer says. "Even if an application is patched or updated regularly, that still doesn’t mean that the application is secure."

He can be reached at [email protected]

Scherrer had a 24-year career as a leader and information technology and cybersecurity innovator with the US Air Force, commanding the only combat coded deployable communications wing. 

Now, in addition to heading the Cybersecurity initiative, he's a leadership advisor and consultant in cybersecurity and other fields. 

He also directs the Washington University in St. Louis graduate program in Information Systems Management and Cybersecurity Management.