Newswise — March 25, 2021 – There’s usually a tinge of doubt when planting seeds into a garden each year. Will this work? Will these seeds actually turn into these beautiful and fruitful plants? This Sustainable, Secure Food blog explains what seeds are made of and how they germinate and grow. The post is part of the 2021 Seed Week celebration, organized by the Crop Science Society of America

According to blogger Stephanie Greene, “Seeds have been around for 125 million years, when flowering plants came about in the Cretaceous period. The success of flowering plants depended on protecting, dispersing and ensuring the successful establishment of offspring.”

Seeds fill those roles. The plant embryo is protected within the seed coat until conditions are right for plant growth. Once germination begins, endosperm within the seed provides nutrients for the growing plant. To learn more, read the entire blog:

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